Selfie Portrait

Selfie Portrait

We want your Selfie Portrait for the 2020-21 yearbook!

The Sumner Academy yearbook staff wants to include every student and staff member in this year’s yearbook to document this unprecedented school year. But with the current safety concerns, we will not be able to use a professional portrait service. We need your help!

Sumner Academy will be hosting a Selfie Portrait Day for each grade level during the week of January 11th. Students will receive an email with a link to the High 5 website. Students will follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. It will only take a few minutes.

Information and instructional video will be posted on the school’s website as well as suggested tips for a successful selfie portrait.

• Here are some guidelines you can use to keep everyone’s portraits somewhat consistent. These same image examples are displayed to the user as they go through the Selfie Portraits process online or on their mobile device.

  • The process is best if someone takes a picture of you.
  • Front facing or standing pose only – sit straight up
  • Stand in front of a blank, one-color wall
  • Make sure the photo is from the chest up, no hands visible in the picture
  • No deliberate, crazy facial expressions
  • Regular clothes – no costumes
  • No writing on shirt
  • No off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap, tank, tube, low-cut, one-strap, halter or see-through tops
  • No hats, visors, caps or head coverings of any kind

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